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Pregnancy Hospital Bag Checklist

The time has come to welcome your little one into the world. Your labour can come on unexpectedly so having your hospital bag packed and ready to go approximately 3-4 weeks prior to your due date ensures that you will not be in a mad rush before going to the hospital and possibly forget something.
Below is a list of key items for your hospital bag preparation:
  1. Bag – a large overnight bag or baby bag will ensure that there is enough space to hold all of the items you require.
  2. Pajamas/Dressing Gown – for when you have given birth and are resting throughout the day.
  3. Spare Clothing – for when people come to visit or when you are leaving the hospital.
  4. Tshirt/Gown for during labour – pack something loose and comfortable like a large tshirt or gown to wear whilst you are giving birth.
  5. Spare underwear – purchase some cheap cotton underwear that you can throw away afterwards.
  6. Toiletries – toothbrush, toothpaste, hairbrush, hair ties, face wipes etc.
  7. Socks/slippers – socks can be useful during labour in case your feet get cold, as well as during your hospital stay.
  8. Baby Clothes – bring 3-4 baby onesies for sleeping and during the day. Also pack some socks, booties, hat as well as an outfit for the day you both leave hospital.
  9. Baby Skincare – often hospitals will have baby skincare on hand, however this can often contain synthetic ingredients and chemicals. Bringing along a natural body wash and baby oil can be useful for when your baby is being bathed at the hospital. Check out our natural range of skincare for bubs here.
  10. Nappies – depending on the length of your hospital stay, you may need 10-15 nappies per day for your little one.
  11. Phone Charger
  12. Camera/Video Camera
  13. Snacks – bring some things to eat during labour or throughout your hospital stay.
  14. Relaxing items – anything that may help to relax and calm you such as meditation apps, magazines, books etc.
  15. Nursing bra – include a few nursing bras to assist with breastfeeding following birth
  16. Pads – pack a couple of packets of maternity pads as well as breast pads
  17. Baby car seat – to take your baby home in.
  18. Baby blanket – to keep your baby warm during the hospital stay and also while people are may be holding your baby
  19. Muslin cloths/burping towels – to assist with any clean up during breastfeeding

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